Dear Neighbor,

I’m running to be your mayor because I’m a tested leader prepared to work with you to assure our city reaches its unbelievable potential.  I will roll up my sleeves and work hard to continue to cultivate Livonia as a highly respected community where people take pride in raising their families and growing their businesses. 

Earlier this year residents collected signatures on a printed and online petition encouraging me to lead Michigan’s ninth largest city as its first female mayor.  In addition to collecting over 800 signatures they collected the thoughts and priorities of Livonia residents.  I am excited about the opportunity to use my 30 years of experience leading non-profit organizations and boards to tackle the tough problems identified by residents like fixing our roads and nurturing a healthier city, to protecting our environment and parks, and building a more vibrant economy.  There’s work to do to secure our community’s future, and I’m prepared to do it.

As a candidate here’s what I bring to the table. I’ll be a:

Visionary and strategic leader.  In my former role as the Executive Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association I put Michigan’s $3.5 billion industry on the map and travelled throughout the country and around the world to encourage investment in Michigan’s bright and talented entrepreneurs.  During my time at the helm of the association Michigan’s investors boasted a record-breaking year of funding entrepreneurs.  I know how to get things done and I look forward getting them done with you.

Dedicated collaborator.  Connecting the dots, creating opportunities and looking for innovative solutions to complex problems are at the heart of the work I am currently doing as the Interim CEO of Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan (CCSEM).  CCSEM is a $10 million organization providing services to more than 20,000 people throughout six counties in southeast Michigan.  I’m there now working with them to create a sustainable funding model and strategic plan for the organization as it continues to grow.

Fierce advocate and compassionate champion. You won’t find a more tenacious advocate or a more compassionate champion for Livonia.  At the heart of my work is passion.  It’s been there for 17 years when I served Livonia residents as your voice on the Livonia City Council advocating for advanced life support, a community recreation center, a bike path connectivity program, a new master plan, and so many other things that make Livonia a great place to live and work.

In a statement issued by Mayor Dennis Wright he indicated his support for my campaign should I enter the race.  I’m honored to have the Mayor’s support.  Mayor Wright has done a lot for this city in his four years as mayor, but perhaps the most important of his contributions is his willingness to get out in the community, roll up his sleeves and tackle problems head on.  He didn’t lead from behind a desk and neither will I.

I’m a life-long resident of Livonia.  I met my late husband Sean here at St. Michael Catholic School in the fifth grade.  We bought a house in Livonia’s historic Old Rosedale Gardens neighborhood and that’s where we raised our children, sending them to St. Michael Catholic School as well.  They are grown and nearly gone, but it’s my hope that the Livonia we are strengthening will one day call them back. 

I believe deeply in this community and its people.  I enter this race clearly recognizing the challenges before us and am prepared to lead the city to its next level of success. We’ve got a great future to work for, and I hope you will join me in the months ahead as we work to win this election and bring Livonia the proven leadership it deserves.